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Our unique mix of behavioural science and digital experiences change entrenched behaviours, unlocking potential, upskilling employees, and fostering growth. We do digital so you can do you!   

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Best at onboarding

Drastically reduce the time it takes to onboard using bespoke, digital learning experiences, underpinned by behavioural science.

Best practices

A single customisable app that centralises all your HR and productivity platforms to allow your staff to be more productive and adhere to best practices long after training is over.

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Best at compliance

When a new regulation or compliance change becomes a new cost of doing business, BestAtDigital builds the content to ensure all your staff comply quickly and efficiently.

Best at launches

Strategic shifts, new product launches and rebranding require executives to explain the company’s new directions to staff and partners who need to adapt quickly. BAD ensures everyone understands and implements the new company values and decisions, even in a work from home environment.

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What our customers
say about BAD

Our vision: bad habits undermine good intentions


Clients need onboarding solutions that quickly and expertly onboard new team members.                 

1 New hires onboard faster

2 Onboard fully remotely 

3 Train new staff on complex products and processes 



Regulations change all the time and our clients in the banking space need to keep their teams compliant. 

1 Train on complex rules

2 Change risky behaviour

3 Not one and done, keep your teams up to date

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Our customers know that investing in their team members makes them more content and better employees. 

1 Improve performance  

2 Retain ambitious staff

3 Grow your skill set and offer with your existing team

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BestAtDigital targets bad habits in your company

BestAtDigital is at the cutting edge of behavioural science, with consultants and designers working together at every stage of a customer lifecycle to root out bad habits. The marriage of a digital-first approach coupled with our behavioural science expertise makes BAD unique in the market. Our mission is to use behavioural science and digital to change behaviour, increase diversity in the workplace and help companies onboard, train and upskill better and faster.

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Onboarding in the age of the great resignation

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