Create bespoke user interfaces that inspire.


Grabbing your users’ attention from the outset can make a world of difference to the success of your LMS.

Canvas Creator allows non-technical users the capability to build, edit and maintain their own bespoke user interface.

We can help you create an experience that will inspire your users the moment they log on to your platform.

Create an elegant front-end that presents your content and links as a personalised, engaging, flexible user experience.

A portal to learning

A Canvas is an elegant front-end that presents information and links to external resources including PDFs, videos, documents and digital learning. The block-based design approach makes maintenance and edits easy to do. It also makes for a mobile-friendly experience. Canvas content stacks into a single column on a smaller mobile device.


Inspire users the moment they log in to your platform. We develop custom homepages that promote content, present clear actions and simplify navigation.


Curate content and resources into dedicated spaces that are easy to build, edit and maintain.


Simplify complex user experiences with a simple, attractive Canvas interface. We build interactive checklists and forms with inbuilt analytics.


We create custom interactions to meet your custom requirements.

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