Sustainability in the workplace and the B=MAP model

Going green is a red hot topic in the business world. In recent years …

Stress in the workplace and the B=MAP model

Employee stress contributes to the largest segment of lost days due to sickness annually.

Workplace Change: How to manage a changing workplace in 2022

COVID-19 is responsible for some of the most dramatic examples of workplace change in recent memory. As the new philosophy of flexible work has arisen, the idea of working in an office five days a week is no longer the norm.

How a bias for action can impact growth

By our nature, humans want to… keep moving forward. We are keen to keep growing and progressing, whether in our personal or working lives.

It’s suggested that a bias for action is an innate tendency. Ancestors would have needed to keep moving to survive. However, we’re no longer in life-threatening danger, so why do we still feel this need to drive forward?

Today, work is our outlet for motivation, and how we progress in life. This bias for action can help to push individuals and organisations forward. In fact, monoliths like Amazon list “bias for action” as one of their key leadership principles.

How to prevent blame culture at work

A blame culture at work can be detrimental to performance, damaging…

How to combat challenging behaviour at work

Challenging behaviour has a domino effect on the workplace. Typically, challenging behaviour begins due to a difficult workplace culture. It’s important not to point the finger here because sometimes the beahviour is actually a reflection of the company culture or the way the leadership team acts.

Often, employees fall into bad habits at work. It’s unlikely that any one employee is behaving poorly on purpose. However, the ongoing impact must be prevented from reaching other employees.

Top techniques for decision making in the workplace

There are many tools that can assist you in making important decisions for your company. See the benefits you are missing out on.

Unconscious bias in the hiring process

Unconscious bias can have a negative impact on your hiring processes…

What is unconscious bias training?

Train against unconscious bias to improve the workplace…