Our mission is to change bad habits and improve the performance of customer-facing teams.

We believe that the failures of teams and mistakes made across these teams are due to bad habits rather than bad intentions. 

The impact of bad habits

Human error and mistakes can be existential threats

Human error is behind 25% of all data breaches. It costs banks millions in regulatory fines and it can be an existential threat for startups. 

Lost opportunities and poor performance cost millions.

In the United States, the cost of onboarding a failed employee can be up to $240K. The challenge in the tech sector is even more dire because long sales cycles mean it is hard to evaluate employees before 3 to 6 months in their role.

Bad habits - not bad intentions - are to blame!

We believe that bad habits are to blame. The fact that companies are spending millions to increase diversity in their workforces and leadership teams shows that there is a genuine desire for change. But then those same companies aren't retaining diverse teams.

Only behavioural science and digital experiences can change bad habits

Behavioural science helps us understand how we think and make decisions. Digital experiences offer immersive environments to learn and change. We believe the marriage of these two tools can help companies change internal behaviour. 

Why BAD?

BestatDigital was founded based on behaviour and design with the mission of using technology and behavioural science to root out and target destructive habits and help companies identify and grow diverse potential. We’re proud to say we’re BAD because it stands for who we are and the problem we were founded to target.

From startups to the world’s largest companies

BestAtDigital works with companies across the globe to help them onboard and upskill employees. BAD’s team works remotely across the UK and from our offices in Brighton on the shores of the English Channel to serve our customers across the globe.

Our offices and the team

We serve our global customers from our head offices in Brighton, East Sussex on the shores of the English channel. 

onboarding team

Our people

Meet the BAD team! At BAD we take our work very seriously – but we play hard too!  We’ve built a team of fun, energetic and dedicated people with eclectic interests and backgrounds. 

Head of Learning

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Head of Operations

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